Azan Virji
Medical Student, Financial Aid Committee Student Rep | Harvard Medical School
IG: @azanvirji
IG: @f1doctors
Twitter: @AzanVirji

Azan is a first-generation, low-income 2nd year medical student at Harvard Medical School from Mwanza, Tanzania. He graduated Yale in 2017 with his bachelor’s in molecular, cellular and developmental biology and in 2019 with his master’s in public health. Azan has a strong passion for infectious diseases, stemming from growing up in Tanzania, particularly parasitic infections such as malaria. In the past, he has worked at Partners in Health, the World Health Organization, at the Global Malaria Program, and Dalberg, a consulting firm focusing on sustainable development. Currently, he is doing research on hospital outcomes and works closely with the HMS administration on increasing financial aid for medical graduates. Azan understands the challenges facing international students studying in the US and applying to health professional schools first-hand. To alleviate these challenges, he founded F-1 Doctors, a web-based mentorship platform that connects non-US applicants to mentors in healthcare professional schools. His story and his work have been featured in news outlets such as The Washington Post, Stat News, and Study International.