Bryan Torres, MS
Incoming MS1 | Tulane University School of Medicine
IG: @fromhoodtomd
Twitter: @fromhoodtomd

My name is Bryan S. Torres, and my journey from being a statistic to now, a newly-admitted and rising first-year medical student, has measured my character and will-power more times than I can count. I am the culmination of the community that forged the person I am today and the physician I aspire to be, the numbers that try but do not define us, and the fire inside me that burns brighter than the fire around me. My inconceivable dream of becoming a physician started when I was 15 years old and after 10 years on this journey, 6 gap years, 3 application cycles, 5 MCAT attempts, an undergraduate science GPA of 2.69, a master’s degree, 8 med school interviews, and 3 WL, I finally received the life-changing acceptance in November 2020 (and most recently, I received my second acceptance to one of my top choices for medical school). I am going to become a student-doctor soon and one day a physician.

Thus, I share my journey with full vulnerability and transparency because I want other pre-med out there to know that it is possible. You are capable and I believe in you. Metrics do not define you; your heart, work ethic, and character do. And when life tests you, NEVER fold.