Ryan Gray, MD
CEO, Co-Founder | Mappd
Founder | Medical School Headquarters

IG: @medicalschoolhq
Twitter: @medicalschoolhq
Tiktok: @medicalschoolhq


Dr. Ryan Gray is a former United States Air Force Flight Surgeon who found a passion for helping premed students on their journey to medical school. Best known for his podcasts, which have been downloaded over 10,000,000 times, Dr. Gray has interviewed numerous Admissions Committee members and deans of admissions for medical schools.

Through The Premed Years podcast and the Medical School Headquarters sites, Dr. Gray has helped hundreds of thousands of students gain the confidence they require to successfully navigate the premed path.

Dr. Gray co-founded Mappd, the only tool of its kind to help you navigate your premed journey at mappd.com. Use it to track all of your courses, activities, MCAT prep, letter writers, and more. You can even invite your premed advisor to view your data to provide better feedback during your meetings.

Dr. Gray lives outside of Boulder, CO, with his wife Allison, who is a Neurologist, and their children Hannah, and Ethan. Dr. Gray is also a Clinical Instructor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.